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Pamela provides a healthy oasis from the physical and emotional burdens of day-to-day living and helps guide body and mind to extend that oasis into every day life. I’m so grateful to have found such a gifted, insightful and compassionate coach; she’s a lifesaver.

Pam – your massage was wonderful. I wanted to let you know that this morning I actually woke up feeling happy for no reason (that hasn’t happened for a few years). I felt like I’d had a very deep meditation with the same joy afterward.

It is like loads of sludge that had been in me is now gone – I know it is from the massage. It is as though you got rid of the crap and opened a gate and now things I am doing are actually working. You do it like an art form and give great results – you brought me closer to who I really am.

Thank you for this gift. This is really great!!! Thank you, thank you for knowing your stuff so well. Hug smooch. I want to tell everyone.

I have been looking for a holistic massage therapist who is trained and adept in multiple modalities for for quite some time. I wanted someone who would not only pay attention to the spots that I was aware of, but who could also assess blocks and move the energy to facilitate healing.

Pamela is extraordinary in her ability to ability to work with me not only to work out the physical issues, but also to find, assess and move energy to clear emotional and energetic blocks. Her ability to assess and use the best modality to address the issues she finds is extraordinary.

I found the holistic, multi-skilled massage therapist I was looking for in Pamela, and highly recommend her.

“I had been having severe back pain and stress in my shoulders for the last 6 months before I made an appointment with Pamela. What she did for me in the 45 minutes I was there was on par with making miracles happen.

I left my appointment feeling light as a feather and peacefully drowsy. I was calm and collected, and most importantly, I felt like a whole new me. Pamela not only alleviated my stress and pain, she completely erased it with the touch of her hands.

I strongly recommend making an appointment at Wild Flower Healing with Pamela if you are in the market for feeling good and satisfied with the sensational work she does.”

“Pamela, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful massage experience you provided for me. I DO feel lighter and less stressed today, and able to let go of my negative feelings of the past week. Thank you so much for your gracious treatment!”

“I highly recommend Pamela Sabin! The first time I went to Pamela, I was simply expecting an enjoyable massage. The massage she gave me was a combination of Swedish massage and Shiatsu, using a fusion of hot stones and bamboo, with essential oils that she prepared herself.

It was a truly blissful massage – deeply relaxing and very uplifting! Pamela is very compassionate and intuitive. For example, while she was massaging me, she could feel and sense that I had very tight hamstrings (although I had not mentioned it). She used Neural Reset Therapy (NRT) to quickly reset my very tense hamstrings, thereby releasing my muscles to a healthy state.

Therefore, for the first time in my life, I was able to and have continued to be able to touch my toes, without bending my knees. This is a tremendous accomplishment for me, and it greatly helps me with my yoga practice. Pamela is a healer – not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. I have highly recommended Pamela to my closest friends.”

I am addicted to Pamela and her massages/Reiki treatments! I go in, some days uptight and tense; other days feeling like I am doing pretty good at handling life. But, then Pamela starts her treatment and it doesn’t matter what condition I thought I was in, I soon realize how I needed that appointment. My body starts relaxing. It is quiet and comfy and my mind empties its worries/concerns. Peace settles in and I find myself wishing I never had to leave. Ah, but oh too soon, she is doing her finishing touches and I have to bring myself back to reality. But, now, I am much better prepared to meet the world. Thanks Pamela

The BEST massage experience I have ever had! I always struggle to completely let go during a massage but Pamela made me feel so comfortable and relaxed from the very beginning. She is so so sweet and I could really tell she cares so much about the well-being of her clients. I LOVE that she makes her own organic essential oil combinations! I felt so pampered and well taken care of, she truly exceeded my expectations. For the quality of massage, and price – Wild Flower Healing Arts deserves 6 out of 5 stars. Pamela is the only massage therapist I will go to from here on out, I recommend her to everyone!

Pamela is wonderful! A talented and intuitive massage therapist, and a truly delightful person. I recommend her highly. I love how she combines hot stones, and Reiki, and other modalities to offer you just what you need to feel better. Thanks so much Pamela for being amazing!

One of the best massages I’ve ever gotten! Pamela took her time to find my problem areas and used a variety of techniques to release the tension in my muscles! It was amazing that she could find my problem areas without me saying anything. She was so caring and intuitive. I was so happy to find someone who could relax my mind and muscles. I felt amazing afterwards, almost like a whole new person! I will definitely be going back again!

Pamela is an incredible massage therapist. Intuitive, smart, and really gifted at what she does. She immediately knows exactly what’s ailing me and makes adjustments that are always right on, so I leave the office totally re-aligned and euphoric.

Pamela tailors your massage experience to your body’s needs. She doesn’t perform the typical generic massage; it’s definitely a custom experience. She has studied many massage and body techniques and has the knowledge and experience to help your body feel better almost immediately. I would definitely recommend Pamela Sabin to others.

This was the best massage I’ve ever had, and I am a former massage therapist. I have been searching for the perfect combination of shiatsu and swedish massage, and I have found it in Pamela. She addresses the whole person and is a true healer. Pamela’s therapy left me feeling calm, hopeful, and centered. Her style was deeply therapeutic, and her technique with hot rocks and bamboo was soothing and relaxing. I highly recommend Pamela.

I was recently recommended to Pamela and have had two sessions with her already. I really appreciate Pamela’s practice, I feel completely reset and relaxed after a session. She is so friendly and makes me feel so comfortable. I love to get massages and with Pamela I feel better physically and mentally. She talks with you and really takes interests and suggests things to do outside of the session to improve your day to day living. I would recommend anyone to go to her and will be sending all my friends!

I just left a wonderful hour-long session with Pamela.

She was compassionate,empathetic, and carefully addressed my physical and emotional needs. I suffer from chemo-induced neuropathy and the combo Pamela uses allows me to overcome the barriers and get Tia point of wiggling my toes! Which sounds simple, but for me is huge!

I highly recommend that you schedule a massage/therapeutic treatment with Pamela as soon as possible! 🙂

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