Erica L.

I just left a wonderful hour-long session with Pamela.

She was compassionate,empathetic, and carefully addressed my physical and emotional needs. I suffer from chemo-induced neuropathy and the combo Pamela uses allows me to overcome the barriers and get Tia point of wiggling my toes! Which sounds simple, but for me is huge!

I highly recommend that you schedule a massage/therapeutic treatment with Pamela as soon as possible! 🙂

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Sara A.

I was recently recommended to Pamela and have had two sessions with her already. I really appreciate Pamela’s practice, I feel completely reset and relaxed after a session.

She is so friendly and makes me feel so comfortable. I love to get massages and with Pamela I feel better physically and mentally. She talks with you and really takes interests and suggests things to do outside of the session to improve your day to day living.

I would recommend anyone to go to her and will be sending all my friends!

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Lisa W.

This was the best massage I’ve ever had, and I am a former massage therapist. I have been searching for the perfect combination of shiatsu and swedish massage, and I have found it in Pamela.

She addresses the whole person and is a true healer. Pamela’s therapy left me feeling calm, hopeful, and centered. Her style was deeply therapeutic, and her technique with hot rocks and bamboo was soothing and relaxing. I highly recommend Pamela.

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Kimberly J.

Pamela tailors your massage experience to your body’s needs. She doesn’t perform the typical generic massage; it’s definitely a custom experience. (more…)

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Elizabeth W.

Pamela is an incredible massage therapist. Intuitive, smart, and really gifted at what she does. She immediately knows exactly what’s ailing me and makes adjustments that are always right on (more…)

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Colbi M.

One of the best massages I’ve ever gotten! Pamela took her time to find my problem areas and used a variety of techniques to release the tension in my muscles! (more…)

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Cheryl H.

Pamela is wonderful! A talented and intuitive massage therapist, and a truly delightful person. I recommend her highly. (more…)

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Karrington M.

The BEST massage experience I have ever had! I always struggle to completely let go during a massage but Pamela made me feel so comfortable and relaxed from the very beginning. (more…)

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Connie D.

I am addicted to Pamela and her massages/Reiki treatments! I go in, some days uptight and tense; other days feeling like I am doing pretty good at handling life. But, then Pamela starts her treatment and it doesn’t matter what condition I thought I was in, I soon realize how I needed that appointment. (more…)

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Connie N.

I highly recommend Pamela Sabin! The first time I went to Pamela, I was simply expecting an enjoyable massage. The massage she gave me was a combination of Swedish massage and Shiatsu, using a fusion of hot stones and bamboo, with essential oils that she prepared herself. (more…)

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